What is it?
XPs are a type of loyalty scheme to reward you for sticking with us! You can exchange your XPs for discount vouchers against your next purchase.

How do I get XPs?
1. Buy stuff. You get roughly 1 XP per £1 spent

2. Submit reviews. You'll get 5 XPs for every review that is approved. You'll generally only get XPs for reviews that are over 50 words, so "Brill" won't cut it (as succinct and useful as it might be!).

What are XPs worth?
Nothing until you trade them for a voucher.

How do I spend XPs?
Login, visit your account page and click the redeem XPs button. You'll need 100 or more XPs for this option to be available.

What's the catch ?
You can't sell your XPs or transfer them to anyone else.

Confused? Email the store, we'll be glad to help!

See our terms and conditions for more legal stuff.