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Roleplaying Meets Television
Now Playing is a game that blends the rules and structure of both television shows and roleplaying into a game that plays lke a roleplaying game, but feels like a TV show. It has the same basic structure as all roleplaying games do. It also follows the same formats and standards that all TV shows adhere to. With Now Playing, you will be able to take the setting of any television show that you already know, and create and run your own episodes of the show as a roleplaying game. You don't need to worry about the game system. Now Playing is flexible enough to take the work out of adapting any setting into a game.

The Feel of TV
Television shows have a certain atmosphere, or "feel" to them. Now Playing preserves that feel (but without those boring commercials). Choose a format, create your show, build an episode (whether it be the pilot, the season finale, or just a normal episode), and then run it. Now Playing tells you how to craft your shows and episodes so that they feel like a real T.V. show. In fact, Now Playing can even be used to make existing television-setting RPG's feel more like the show they're based on.

Easy To Learn
Now Playing is based on the popular Fudge gaming engine, which makes it easy to read, learn and play. Creating characters usually takes less than 10 minutes. When creating your shows, you won't need to make any changes to the game system. You know the show, Now Playing gives you the tools.

The Now Playing rulebook comes with a complete show and one episode. The show has been created specifically for Now Playing and is not a real TV show. This show is fully defined as a complete setting for Now Playing, but can also be used as an example of how a show can be created.

The Foundation for Paranormal Investigation was founded by a very wealthy and eccentric man who has good reason to believe in ghosts. He decided to start the foundation as a means to learn all there is to know about the mysteries of world. He assembled a team of scientists, psychics, investigators, scholars and religious experts to delve into these mysteries and turn fable into fact. With his backing, other teams were formed all across the U.S., and even abroad, creating a large network of cells that are all geared toward the investigation of the paranormal.

With Now Playing, you really can be the star of your favorite show!

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